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8/3/2011: Hey, this isn't Web 2.0!!!

Well, no, it isn't. This is more of a "personal" website, as opposed to a commercially oriented, big production, bells and whistles kind of site. It's more about housing the content (my art and writings) that will be here than being "fly", or whatever the Kids are into nowadays.

You see, I want this site to look like the "old school" sites from the '90s. But without the irritating stuff like goofy animations, music that comes on and won't shut off once the page loads, not a "huge" amount of graphics (although there will be some--and hopefully I can do it in a tasteful way.) Basically, what would have been considered a clean, well made page from back in 1997 or so. All coded by hand, in HTML. There will also be some ads at some point, but I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate them in a tasteful manner. I've been tinkering with this site actually for almost that long, and only just now am I really getting a handle on what makes a good website. I've been inspired by this old school nostalgia website.

The best aspects of cool old stuff always come back into fashion.

7/19/2010: Well, this is what my new page looks like--I'm going back to square one and re-doing it.

"If playing isn't happiness or fun, if it is something which may lead to those things or to something else entirely, not being able to play is misery."--Lynda Barry, What It Is

"NeoPaganism is a revolutionary spiritual philosophy that seeks to create, adapt, and develop by the law of change-- Everything flows, nothing is static."--Gede Parma, Spirited

Spelldust.com - Wiccan pictures, magickal images, witchy layouts, and more
Spelldust.com - Wiccan pictures, magickal images, witchy layouts, and more
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